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Problems? Solution:Soft Baby Shoes!

-Chubby, fat baby feet?
Solution: adjustable ankle straps
-Slippery floors? 
Solution: non-slip, grippy sole
-Everything into the mouth? 
Solution: Machine Washable Baby shoes
-Won't keep shoes on?
Solution: Non-restrictive comfy design. When the babies don't feel that the shoes are on their feet, they are not fighting to take them off!
-Environmentally conscious?
Solution: Vegan, sustainable materials
-Ethical trade concerns?
Solution: Handmade, mom-made in Florida
-Constantly loosing shoes and socks?
Solution: Elastic ankle straps that allows the shoes to stay on. Better yet, they cannot remove them without a later developing  "pinch" motor skill.

The story...

It all started when my sweet baby boy, at 9 months, started to walk. He was unstoppable. Although barefoot is best, there were times (hot playgrounds and cold airports) I did not have a choice. The problem started with the hard sole ones. He would scratch my eyeballs out the moment I put one on him. They remained out of question. Then I ordered the leather ones. So cute, right? Expensive too. But unfortunately also slippery and we have hard wood and tile floors at home. He kept slipping, falling and banging his cute little head into furniture. The other problem; (besides environmental reasons) that leather is not washable and he kept putting everything into his mouth. Yuck. Fortunately he grew out of them fast. After the next growthspurt I borrowed my cousin's sewing machine and started to experiment with fabrics, patterns and soles. Soon enough everyone in the mommy and me class also wanted a pair and I've put baby shoes on thousands of babies since. Thank you so much for your support!



"We love the shoes!!! Thank you"


"It's a miracle!!! This is the first pair of shoes that fit my son. He has huge feet. These are super comfortable and fashionable too."


"Thank you! They fit great!"