Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull

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These Sugar Skull baby shoes are not your average every day baby shoes! This is a "dress up and be different" centerpiece. Amazingly unique and super cute! These shoes are not for the princesses but for the wild and cool ones! 

NON-SLIP SOLE - for safety (rubber grips)
ADJUSTABLE - elastic ankle strap is adjustable, the shoes can be set for wide, narrow, small or bigger feet! This ensures that they ALWAYS fit, and they STAY ON!
HANDMADE, mom-made baby tested in Florida USA
100% VEGAN, with environmentally safe and sustainable materials
NON-RESTRICTIVE - helps with the foot and muscle develpoment.
Indoor or Outdoor.

👉Fabric layout may be different.
🧡Thank you for buying these baby shoes and supporting my family! 
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Customer Reviews

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Crystal Duarte
Awesome! And Fast!

She was so awesome! And fast! The stitching is great!! This will be a gift for my niece but will post pics when she receives them! Also she was very kind and was always keeping updated til I received them and loved that! (Etsy review)

Craig Eubank

These are great and since they stretch they’ll fit my daughter for awhile. I’ll be ordering more

Katelyn Cottingham

This is my second time purchasing from the seller, not only do I LOVE her product but she is so personable and friendly! She even has a video on how to adjust the shoes. Great product and even my two month old approves! I bought these skull shoes to express my child’s little punky attitude 😂🙂. Would definitely buy again and will be keeping an eye on this shop!

Robin richardson
These shoes are adorable!

These shoes are adorable! My little granddaughter loves watching Coco and these are so darn cute! I really like the non slip tread too.