Navigator Baby Gift Set

Navigator Baby Gift Set

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3 piece gift set; 
- Baby Shoes
- Baby Bib
- Baby Hair Bow

(Airplane not included)

Baby Shoes:
100% duck fabric (similar to canvas) with off white background that is decorated with black world map, airplanes and aviation theme. This is our most popular Soft Baby Walking Shoes. Both girl boys like it, because flying, discovering and traveling is a very gender natural activity. These shoes are also our favorite pick because of their durability and they are a must have! This shoes were the very first ones, I made for my son. They are all a little bit different, no two pairs are the same!

Your little squish have the perfect protection with the softest black polar vega wool inner lining and the non-slip grippy sole, that also helps to build the confidence by taking the next step.

  • Softest inner lining protecting even the most sensitive skin
  • Guaranteed to stay-on with the 360° elastic system
  • Adjustable Ankle Strap® for the perfect fit
  • Pure 100% cotton upper lining
  • Freedom of movement
  • Easy to slip-on
  • Breathable, machine washable, adorable

To determine the appropriate size for your baby, download our sizing charts!

Fabric layout may be different.