Soft baby shoes- better than barefoot


Soft Baby Shoes - better than barefoot

No question. Best is barefoot. But what do you do if the conditions do not allow barefoot. We live in Florida and the concrete outside gets really hot and the tiles inside really cold, and most of the playground has mulch. Those tiny toes needs to be protected! 

Discover the baby shoes that is better for your baby than being barefoot!

    • Soft nonslip sole that ensures safe walking without slipping and falling!
When my kid walked at 9 months, I thought it's time to get some cute shoesies. So I bought a pair of the cutest hard sole one. I only was able to put one on his feet before he started to scream and tried to scratch my eyeballs out. Kept doing it until the hard shoes were removed. Strike 1.
Then I bought soft shoes. Little did I know, that not all sole are made for baby’s foot. Certain materials are nonslip when an adult wears them with developed muscle structure but then you put it on baby’s foot, they just cannot do the job. 
So of course he slipped and fall and hit his head. Strike 2.
The other problem I had was… especially with the leather shoes that they were extremely hot in the summer. My son’s foot overheated, sweat in the shoes and the shoes got stinky. EEEWWW. Strike 3.
Then when I tried to wash them they came out of the washing machine as a hard ball instead of clean shoes. Strike 4.
That didn’t cut it for me. Also he liked to put his feet into his mouth and when you can not wash something, that will retain a lots of germs. Now when that goes into my infant’s mouth, I don’t have to tell you what happens...
I also had a problem when my son went through a growth spurt and suddenly the shoes were too small. I had to make another one than another one. So after a little bit of experimenting I adjusted the pattern and made the ankle strap easily adjustable. Strike 5.
    • Adjustable. Every shoe has a hidden elastic ankle strap that you can find if you fold the top forward. You can make the shoes smaller and make sure it always fit perfectly. It also grows with your baby’s foot, all you have to do is retie the knot further out to loosen the strap.
This is my invention and I came up with this idea when I kept making baby shoes for my son every other months because he kept growing out of them. 
This simple solution absolutely solved my problem. When you tighten it, t pushes the heel forward, that also pushes the toes forward and you have don’t have the problems of having too much room and fabric at the toes that could cause trip and fall problems especially for the new walkers.
    • Cute, isn't it? But also machine washable!

Yep. You just throw them in the washing machine with the kids clothes and it comes out clean. 

My son is 4 years old and he still wears Soft Baby Shoes… of course. When he gets them really dirty, I just spray a little Shout on them before the was and they come out clean. 

    • Handmade - by me

I make them. With safe machines, environmentally sustainable materials, no harmful chemicals, no child labor, 

    • Healthy 

These shoes are recommended by pediatricians, and kids podiatrist because it promotes healthy foot and muscle development. When you put kids foot (especially new walking baby foot) in hard sole or even worse restrictive shoes it won’t allow to develop certain muscles in the foot. 

    • Keepsake

They also make beautiful keepsakes for the baby and not to mention they are environmentally much safer, because they are all vegan, no animal product has been used in the process.