Frequently Asked Questions

What are Soft Baby Walking Shoes (SBWS)? 

What sizes do SBWS come in?
All shoes come in 5 sizes: Newborn, 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months.

 Age in months Length in Inches Shoes Size
Newborn 3.5 inches 00-2
0-6 months 4 inches 0-3
6-12 months 4.5 inches 4
12-18 months 5 inches 5-6
18-24 months 5.5 inches 7-8


How do I determine the size?
SBWS are sized by months and very easy to do yourself. With the Adjustable Ankle Strap® moms can easily size their little ones feet so the shoes will never be too tight or loose. 
Since these shoes were first made for a real baby, the sizes are based on real babies. You will never receive a much larger or smaller shoes, Your actual order is based on real baby's feet! 

How do I measure my baby's foot?
Pre-walker: Take a piece of paper over a hard cover book. Press your baby's foot on the paper and mark the heel with a pen or a pencil. Make sure your baby's foot stays in the same place and toes are not bent. Mark the place where your baby's longest/biggest toe is. When done, measure between the two marks to get the size. Add 1/2 inch more for the correct shoe size.
Walker: Stand your baby on a piece of paper, press his or her foot on the paper and mark the toes and heel with a pen or a pencil. Make sure your baby's foot stays in the same place and the toes are not bent.  Mark the place where the baby's longest/biggest toe is. When done, measure between the two marks to get the size. Add 1/2 inch more for room to grow.

What is they still don't fit?
No problem! We have easy exchange policy!

How are they made?
They are all handmade, all sewn. There is no glue or any toxic chemical being used at the making. 

Where do you make them?
I make them in a small studio in out home. It's a clean environment - pet free, chemical free, odor free and almost dust free room. Therefore there is no odor or any chemical smell to these shoes! Simply because there is no chemical being used.

What is the Stay-On, 360° Elastic System?
All SBWS are equipped with the 360° Elastic System. This means that the elastic band in the shoe goes all the way around the ankle so there is no way the shoes slip off. To completely remove the shoes, the pinch and pull motor skill has to be applied simultaneously. In order for babies to remove the shoes, their motor skills have to be fully developed; at the same time, this fine motor skill doesn't develop until the age of 18-24 months. As the Adjustable Ankle Strap® is adjusted perfectly for your babies foot, it is near impossible for them to remove it.  

How do you easily slip them on?
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With the 360° Elastic System there is enough flexibility to pull them loose and slip on your baby’s foot.

What is Adjustable Ankle Strap®?
The Adjustable Ankle Strap® is like a perfect hair tie; it doesn’t allow your baby's foot to slide out. The idea behind the ankle strap is for the shoe to grow with your baby. When I started making SBWS, the ankle straps weren't adjustable and the shoes only lasted for 2-3 months. Babies were outgrowing them fast! It is a known fact that the ankle and upper part of the foot grows faster than the length, making feet become wider, taller, and larger. As this happens, the ankle strap starts to cut into the ankle, eventually leaving deep marks. If you neglect to realize this, the non-adjustable ankle straps can cut off the blood supply to your baby’s foot, causing serious issues like ER visit, pain, and even surgery.

Out of this need, I created the Adjustable Ankle Strap®. As your baby's foot grows, you can take the knot and re-tie it as many times as needed, adjusting perfectly to fit his or her foot. As long as they don't grow out of the length, SBWS will remain perfectly fit. 

Once you the knot is tied to the perfect position (here is a video how) take the Adjustable Ankle Strap® and keep pulling it either to the left or right until the knot disappears into the housing. 

Soft Baby Walking Shoes are currently the only baby shoes available with the Adjustable Ankle Strap® and the 360° Elastic System.

What are the shoes made of?
The UPPER LINING is always chosen by 4 very important criteria:

The fabric withholds all the running, crawling, discovering, moving around that your baby will endure. Have you noticed how baby pajamas come apart way before babies outgrow them? This is why I always examine the thread count and the strength of the fabric before I purchase it. 
2. Style 
Soft Baby Walking Shoes aren’t only designed by me. I often request the opinion of my baby’s aunts (we have 3!), mommy’s circle members, an interior designer friend and my very very best friend, who is a fashion designer. I have posted fabrics on Instagram and my Facebook, and have you, my friends and fans, vote on what they want to see next!
3. Vegan
I am vegetarian, and my core belief is that no animal must die to feed me. So, I believe no animal must die to have shoes on my baby’s feet either. This is the reason why all our products and ingredients are animal-free. I stand 100% behind my belief. This is extremely important for me and my family.
4. Washability 
As we all know, anywhere we go there are germs, bacteria and viruses; invisible little threats to our health. It is extremely important for your baby, who is discovering the world and going places that aren’t clean, stepping into things that may carry dangerous germs, that he or she remain healthy. It is proven that the most effective way to remove 98% of these outside threats is with water and a little soap. So, just take the shoes off, throw them in the washer (on cold settings), take them out when the cycle is done and air dry them. It takes about 6-12 hrs to air dry at room temperature. This way you can always have clean shoes for your little one, and keep the family healthy, too!

Are all SBWS exactly as picture shows?
All the shoes look exactly as you see on the pictures, however the fabric placement will be all different. These shoes are all handmade and unique. 

How come they dry that quickly?
The INNER LINING is made of “Polar Vega Wool”.
Polar Vega Wool is a soft napped insulating fabric made from a type of polyester called polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or other synthetic fibers. Other names for this fabric are "Polar Wool," "Vega Wool," or "Fleece". Polar Vega Wool is a breathable material that is also waterproof.

Why is it important that it is waterproof?
Waterproof is not water-resistant. Waterproof means that the fiber particles aren’t holding to the water molecules. Water molecules will stay between the fabric particles that needs to dry out. This means that the fabric will not get very wet and will dry quickly.  Please note that the upper lining is normally not waterproof nor water resistant.
If your baby steps into a puddle of water or climbs into the sink, the shoes will get wet. You will need to remove them and allow sufficient time to dry.

Why is it important that it is breathable?
This means that the fabric lets the air in and out. The shoes have an airflow, which is extremely important for 2 reasons:

  1. Avoid sweaty and stinky baby feet. Sweaty and stinky baby feet invites a perfect environment to grow bacteria, fungus, and viruses. In this environment, discovering baby’s feet that usually have tiny cuts, won’t heal as quickly. Babies may develop even eczema or infections.
  2. Overheating. In breathable shoes, your baby’s foot can not overheat. The human skin regulates temperature by releasing sweat. If the sweat can not evaporate, the skin cannot cool itself and will overheat. However, if the fabric covering human skin is a breathable, it allows the skin to sweat and the sweat to evaporate, thereby not overheating the baby. This only applies at room temperature. If you place baby at extreme temperature it doesn’t matter how breathable baby’s shoes are your little one can overheat. Please always practice caution and common sense.

What soles do the Soft Baby Shoes have?
SBWS come with different soles. The Newborn and the 0-6 month sizes all come with the same sole as the upper lining. I decided to do this, because babies do not walk at that age; instead they spend most of their time on their backs or bellies. When pushing them in the stroller or sitting on a little blanket, the soles are visible and I wanted to make sure they are as cute as they can be.
The rest of the shoes, sizes 6-12, 12-8 and 18-24 months, have the grippy, non-slip, non-skid soles.

What is flexible, non-slip, non-skid grippy sole?
The biggest difference between non-slip and non-skid is the material.
Non-slip soles are considered any material that has some sort of texture added. Unfortunately most of the time, these fabrics (for example faux leather, suede) need plenty of pressure applied in order to create a non-slip effect. They will not grip to the floor and will allow babies to slip and fall, ultimately getting discouraged to take the next step.

Grippy sole, on the other hand, will stick to the floor without applying pressure and gives the confidence to your squish to take that first step. They are normally made with some sort of rubber material.

Are there options for different soles?
All of our SBWS come with the option to substitute the grippy sole with other synthetic or leather-like soles. Contact Us to request your custom order. We'll gladly make them for you! 

Do they come off?
SBWS do not come off easily. They were designed--if the Adjustable Ankle Strap® is set correctly-- to stay on. You can only remove them once you have developed two very 
complex motor skills: pinch and pull at the same time, in two different places. These two motor skills becomes only fully developed by the age of 18-24 months and fortunately by that time, kids understand your requests to leave the shoes on! 

How do you guarantee they stay on?
You will never loose those annoying socks again! Once you set the Adjustable Ankle Strap® on your little one's feet, it feels natural. SBWS will no longer restrict the babies feet; it will not press or be uncomfortable in any way. When the babies do not feel discomfort or they do not realize that something is restricting them, they feel natural and don't even feel that it is on. This is what happens when you put Soft Baby Walking Shoes on little feet. Now, I can't guarantee that the matching bows and headbands will do the same!

What material are they made of?
The sole of the shoes is made of white, grippy, non-skid, non-slip flexible sole. The inner lining is made of the softest Polar Vega Wool that keeps babies feet at a balanced equal body temperature (unless otherwise described at product description). The Adjustable Ankle Strap® is made of woven elastic and the outer lining may be fleece, 
flannel, 100% cotton, silk, sateen or metallic infused fabric.

The inner lining that is in direct contact with your baby's little toes and feet is made of white or back Polar Vega Wool; also known as anti-pill fleece because it resists pilling. Polar Vega Wool is a lightweight, warm, and soft fabric fleece that has some of wool's best qualities but weighs a fraction of the lightest available woolens and is also vegan. It is a water resistant synthetic material made from polyester. The raw materials for polyester can be made from recycled plastic such as PET soda bottles. Buying the fabric helps us stay environmentally concise and vegan!

Aren't they too hot?
If it is too hot to be barefoot, than it is too hot to have the Soft Baby Walking Shoes on. If your baby is excessively sweating, remove the shoes. In comfortable, normal room temperature setting, shoes will not be warmer than your baby's body temperature.

Aren't they too cold?
If the temperature sinks below a level that it is too cold to be barefoot, please add something warmer on the baby. Soft Baby Shoes are not intended to be used at colder than 
room temperature. Never use them at freezing temperature or in the snow! Please practice common sense!

Are they recommended for outside environments?
Yes! SBWS are designed to use inside or outside. If worn outside, please put on your baby only when barefoot environment is acceptable. Although Soft Baby Walking Shoes provide tiny feet with some protection, it is not intended to be used for extreme situations.

Are they for inside only?
No! Use them in the stroller at the playground, at home on tile, carpet, hardwood floors, on the deck, in the short grass and anywhere else you wouldn't mind walking with your bare feet!

Are they waterproof?
No, the inner Polar Vega Wool lining is water-resistant, but the shoes aren't waterproof. Meaning if your baby walks into puddles, please remove and dry them!

What width is best for my baby?
Baby's foot are normally more padded than adults. Also baby's foot fill grow first wider then longer. 

How do I measure the width of my baby's foot?
Simply take a piece of string and wrap it under the instep and over the bridge of your baby's foot. Measure this string in inches to determine the width of your baby's foot. 
The measurements are the maximum width.

Age in month Normal Wide  Extra Wide
Newborn 4 inches 4.5 inches 5 inches
0-6 months 4 inches 4.5 inches 5 inches
6-12 months 5 inches 5.5 inches 6 inches
12-18 months 5.5 inches 6 inches 6.5 inches
18-24 months 6 inches 6.5 inches 7 inches 


Can I order custom shoes from my speciality fabric?
Yes. Please mail the fabric to my shop. Address is here. We need minimum of a fat quarter size approximately 18" x 22" (46cm x 56cm). Please be sure to contact us before mailing any material. 

Do you really hand make them all?
Yes! I buy the fabric, cut, sew and assemble the shoes myself. Once they are done, they are packaged and 
shipped out.  Every step of the process is hand made with love and care!

How do you make them?
Here is a link to my blogpost: A day in my shop.

Where can we try them on?
We sell at local shops and baby boutiques, farmer's markets, art walks and in different daycares in south Florida. Our upcoming events are posted on the Made in USA page, and the best option is to follow my Facebook page and come out to one of the events. You can then try them on and take them home :)

Where do you sell them locally?
Boca Children's Museum - Boca Raton
FAT Village Art-Walk - Fort Lauderdale

How long does it take to receive them?
It takes between 1-5 days to make them and we ship them with First-Class mail, that is 2-4 days. It usually takes about 7 business days to receive the shoes.

How can I track them?
Once the shoes have been finished, packaged and mailed out, you will receive a tracking number to follow your order. 

Can I have a rush order?
Yes! You can ask for a rush order. This means we make the shoes within 24 hrs and ship it out with First Class mail, that is 2-4 business days. 

Can you ship Priority or Overnight?
Yes, no problem! Arrangements have to be made when ordering. Just let us know! 

What if my package is lost?
Once the post office has received your package, I have no control over how long delivery will take. Packages shipped to US addresses are usually delivered within 2-4 business days of shipment, but sometimes packages can take longer. The post office does not consider a package lost until 3 weeks have passed from date of acceptance. If your tracking shows that it is stuck somewhere, and has not been delivered for over 3 weeks, please contact me and we can go from there.

That means the shoes have been finished and are ready to ship. They will be mailed out within 24 hrs of the order request. The ready-to-ship orders usually arrive within 2-4 business days, but I the post office does not guarantee this timeframe nor can I.

Where do you ship?
Currently, we only to the United States of America. We can make arrangements to ship internationally, but please contact me for details and arrangements prior to ordering. 

What is the minimum order to receive wholesale discount?
The minimum order is 25 pairs of shoes in one single order.