Our Story

When my son Mátyás was 8 months old he started to crawl. At 9 months, he started to walk. I could not find a pair of shoes that would stay on his feet, because he could not tolerate the restrictive hard-sole shoes we tried on him.   

Here are his first steps caught on camera!

No matter what I did, he took them off. Even at the playground or in his stroller he kept taking them off. 

So, my husband and I did a little research by asking our chiropractor friend and our pediatrician, and they both came up with the same answer: buy soft sole baby shoes. 
When we got home, I started my research online for soft-soled shoes. As a first time mom I wanted the best for my baby. But I had a hard time finding that. First of all, being a vegetarian, I hated the idea that a cow must die for my son to have a pair of shoes. This was my first problem. After purchasing a non-leather pair, we even hated them more, because it turned out the non-slip sole faux leather is really a slip and fall sole. The other problem I discovered was that the ankle straps were either too tight, cutting into his skin, leaving a mark, or too loose that he would lose the shoes during walking. 

Growing up in Hungary, we learned skills that weren't very common these days in America. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 14. We didn't have money to buy new clothes so we made them ourselves. These skills came handy when I decided that I will just make my son his very own shoes...I mean, how hard could it be after all?

So I created one. I borrowed my husband's cousin's sewing machine, made a pattern, cut the fabric and started to sew them. The first one took about two days and sad to say, it looked horrible. It not only didn't fit well, it was too thick. On the next one I corrected the issues I didn't like on the first one, and soon after made another one.
I actually have a photo of it!

This one was easier, lighter, thinner and looked okay; but then I got a little addicted to the creation process and made another, then another...

As I made more and more, they were starting to look better. I threw myself into researching foot development and the amazing benefits of the soft-soled baby shoes. 
As we started to wear them everywhere, my son's friends started to ask me about them. When my friends found out that I made them, they all wanted one. So I started to make them for other babies and all the mommies wanted a pair or two for their babies. (See all the happy babies in their shoes here!)This is how my little experiment grew into a little business. 

Mátyás - my son - and me