Baby Gallery - Growing up Better than Barefoot

 Zoey in Black (13 months)
Matching headgear and shoes won't stop this little diva from ruling the world!


Mátyás the ring bearer (19 months old)

Fashion icon at the hottest wedding in Miami. 

  Baby Lincoln (20 hrs old)

Welcome to the world, Lincoln. These softies are made just for you. 

New Baby Announcement!

Chuck, the dog, couldn't wait to announce his little brother's arrival. 

F.A.T Village Art Walk in Fort Lauderdale

Spreading the Soft Baby Shoes greatness!

Claudia (13 months old) 

Dancing the night away. 


First Display in the
Boca Raton Children Museum 


Lila (14 months old) 

Pink-striped greatness for Lila. 

Kale (12 months old) with
Valentina (14 months old)
Best friends don't let friends traverse the park without soft baby shoes!  


Valentina (14 months old)

Valentina, pretty in pink! 


Mátyás (14 months old)

We fly everywhere!

Xenia (12 months old) 

A quick break between mommy's Zumba classes. 

Ashlee's baby (not born yet)

Shopping spree for the unborn! 

This little cutie!

How can you not love this one? Fashionable and hip in his matching bib and shoes!

Olivia (8 months old)

Christmas Special! Olivia, couldn't wait for Santa to arrive. 

Olivia and her mommy (15 months old...and we won't say mommy's age:))

Very special mommy-and-me matching shoes. 

Joshie (7 months old)

Feeding the antique luxury car fix. 

Joshie's new little Brother
(brand new :))


Baby Kai (8 months old)
Solid Gray Soft Baby Walking Shoes
Will run around soon, just like you Daddy Winston!

Xenia (12 months)
BlueGreen soft Baby Walking Shoes
Shopping the candy selection  in Hungary
Claudia (11 months)
Lilac Soft Baby Walking Shoes
Little Yoda

Baby Noah
Gray with Blue Arrows Soft Baby Walking Shoes
"Noah absolutely loves his new Soft Baby Shoes!!! They help him keep from slipping while learning to walk on the tile!!!"
Courtney Mommy with her Princess

"We love our soft baby shoes❤️"
Zoey (7 months)

"We love the shoes!!! Thank you 


Baby Nico (13 months old)

"We LOVE our Soft Baby Shoes. Nico grabs his shoes and brings them over to us and "asks" us to put them on him❤️"

"We are loving our Soft Baby Shoes! He's gotten them wet and muddy and they came out of the wash just like new!!! He doesn't even notice they are on and he usually takes off his shoes but not these."
Papa Chris will take you around the world to collect those stamps in your passport!

"He loves the shoes!! We'll be buying more from you!!!"
Solid Pink  

"It's a miracle!!! This is the first pair of shoes that fit my son. He has huge feet. These are super comfortable and fashionable too."
Baby Eddie (5 months old)

"Eddie loves his new "Hot Rods" soft shoes!! :) thank you so much Zsofia mommy & baby are happy& will be back for more."
Matyas and Aun-T

Aun-T and Matyas got matching shoes for her birthday. 
Babywearing momma's best way to keep the toes warm!

"Just got these awesome soft baby shoes in! Of coarse baby is napping but as soon as he wakes up I will be taking pictures of them in action. ???thank you so much!"
Mommy Adriana did the laundry today!

"Just took Claudia's #softbabyshoes out of the washing machine and now I've got them drying on her dresser. I love that I can just throw these in with her laundry!"
Baby June, who was born in May

"June loves her soft baby shoes!! Thank you Zsofia.. #softbabyshoes"
Baby Gianna

"Gianna checking out her new shoes?❤️ thank you"
Baby Joseph

"Joseph loves his Soft Baby Shoes! Thank you so much!!! They are great!!! Nice and comfy!"
Baby Ian

"Mom! These are soft! Look! ?? I love them ❤️ now I can crawl around and not slip everywhere "
Baby Caiden

"Caiden testing out his cute soft shoes. Great job Zsofia Inhauzer."
Baby Josh

Baby Harvey

"Cozy shoes keeping my feet warm!"
Baby John

"John loves trying to take his soft shoes on and off. Comfy. We love them. Thank you"


Shanna's Twins sharing books and mom always at the same time 

"Thank you! They fit great!"