60 second guide to a happy and healthy baby foot development


One of the biggest milestone in a baby's life is when they take their FIRST STEPS, isn’t it? In fact, I can still remember when my son was 9 months old and he stood up. Then not even 2 weeks later he took his first steps! We were so proud of him! My first reaction was: I NEED TO GET HIM SHOES!!

But there were so many things I didn’t know back then… for example, did you know certain types of baby shoes could cause your baby serious, irreversible harm?

It’s true!

My research began… I read about leather shoes… and soft sole shoes… and hard sole shoes… high top shoes...I watched countless videos, interviewed my pediatrician and my podiatrist, and tested shoes on my own son, all because I wanted the very best for my baby of course.

However, I’ll admit, all of this information was a bit overwhelming and even confusing.

But don’t worry, you can avoid all the confusion because after 2 years of in-depth research I have simplified and summarized all the important factors you NEED to know in this short, “60-second” baby shoe guide for you. That’s right, in less than a minute you’ll be armed with all the important information you need to know to make a wise, educated buying decision regarding your babies shoes.  It’s not just about buying the cutest or the cheapest shoes. There are so many important factors to consider. But now you don’t have to spend years figuring out how to choose the best shoes for your baby because I lay everything out here for you, absolutely FREE! Enjoy!

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