6 Tips for Mommies on How to Select Baby Shoes for Pre-Walkers and Walkers

1. Grippy, non-slip SOFT SOLE made with rubber that can stick to the floor without applying pressure. Look for shoes with soles that are sewn not glued to avoid toxic materials getting in contact with your baby's skin. WATCH Slow Motion Video.

2. Check FLEXIBILITY with the simple "flex tester" method.
Lengthwise: Put your thumb on the heel and your index finger on the toe. If you can bend the shoes without effort, the shoe passes the test.
Widthwise: Pinch the shoes at the end of the heel with one hand and at the toes with the other. Now, twist the shoes 90 degrees. If it bends with no effort, the shoes pass the test.

3. Make sure the SIZE is right. Are the shoes long and wide enough? Toes shouldn't hit the front of the shoe and shouldn't be longer than a 1/2 inch more.

4. Choose LIGHT WEIGHT baby shoes that are designed for babies! Light weight shoes mean less impact, less fatigue, less work of lifting those tiny little feet.

5. Durability of the the fabric has to withhold all the running, crawling, discovering, moving around that your baby will endure.

6. WASHABLE shoes will protect your family from harmful bacteria and viruses entering your house from outside.  Especially if she or he likes to put objects in her mouth.

For generations, baby shoes carried such significant emotional value that parents would treasure and preserve them for long years. 
       As foot doctors and pediatricians are getting more educated about how the human body works, it turns out, these baby shoes are not the best choice, regardless of how cute and adorable they look.

        Pediatrician, Dr. Sandra Alvarez says "before the baby starts to walk, socks or bare foot is fine. Once they are taking the first step barefoot is the best way to go. Barefoot will help to stay balanced, use muscles and toes to grip to offer more stability without slipping and falling. If you must put shoes on your baby, make sure they are the correct size, they stay on and are flexible.

            Zsofia Inhauzer
the founder of Soft Baby Walking Shoes experimented and tested these shoes first on her own son when he started crawling at 8 months and walking by 9 months.
"I am an ultra runner and have run long distance endurance races - even a 100 mile one - and I know how important a proper pair of shoes must be to train and finish a race. Learning to walk is a very hard task that takes months and months of practice; if we fail to provide the best shoes for our baby's we may cause damage for the rest of their lives!

 Dr. Jagannathan Neurosurgery posted an article recently on his Facebook Page talking about "the importance of Soft Soled Shoes for Healthy Development of your Baby's Spine" . It went viral. He explained how parents can assist children's spine development as children start to walk. 

"What we don't see is that baby feet don't have bones yet" Zsofia, the developer of Soft Baby Walking Shoes says. "If we put a hard pre-molded constraining pair of shoes on them, the soft cartilage will pick up the shape of the shoes, then the bones harden and the damage is done." She had done extensive research and came to the conclusion that a lot of chronic pain, like knee and severe back pain, could have been prevented in our generation if our parents had just put the right shoes on our feet.

        Soft Baby Walking Shoes come in five sizes from newborn to 24 months. They have extremely soft inner lining; the outer lining comes in all kinds of fashionable colors, patterns and durable fabric. Pre-walker and walker size baby shoes are all equipped with a special grippy sole and are only sold on her website only

       Like all mothers, she too, just wanted the best for her child. She learned to sew from her grandmother in her country of birth, Hungary, and never thought this skill set would ever be useful; that is, until she couldn't find the perfect shoes for her little baby. 

       "The hardest part in my quest of finding shoes that fit right was that they also looked good and were healthy. I was just looking for these three elements but then I came up with my own invention that incorporated all the elements that baby shoes should have"

      Experimenting with a pair of baby shoes on her own child gave her the opportunity to test every aspect and make changes from one shoe to the other. "Originally the ankle strap wasn't located where it is today. The shoes kept leaving a mark on his little feet every single time. I was afraid that it may cut off blood supply so I kept redesigning the pattern until it didn't leave marks." 

        Finally she came up with The Adjustable Ankle Strap® that solved all the problems of the unfit shoes. Now Mommies can adjus them with a single knot and ensure the perfect fit

      That isn't the only revolutionary development of the shoes. Another problem she faced was losing shoes constantly. When she first added the the 360° elastic system and the shoes stayed on, she finally was ready to release to her mommies circle these amazing little shoes. "I had no idea that these problems weren't only my problems, until my mommy friends started offering money for the shoes he was wearing".

        She explains that after she started selling shoes to her friends, other moms came to her begging to make wide shoes for their chubby babies feet.  "By this time I had all the patterns perfected and all I had to do was make the shoes wider". Now she is the ONLY baby shoe maker who also hand-makes wide and extra wide baby shoes in the USA.


Try Soft Baby Walking Shoes. You will love it!

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