One Minute baby shoes guide for your little pre-walker and walker


Baby Shoe Guide for Pre-Walking and Walking Babies

Barefoot babyBarefoot is best, but not always practical or even possible. We live in Florida and playgrounds get extremely hot while the tiles at home are cold. Those little toes froze quickly, they need to be protected. Here is my year long research in 60 second. Enjoy!

1. Select Grippy, non-slip SOFT SOLE made with rubber that can stick to the floor without applying pressure. Look for shoes with soles that are sewn not glued to avoid toxic materials getting in contact with your baby's skin.

2. Do the FLEXIBILITY test with the simple "flex tester" method:

Lengthwise: Put your thumb on the heel and your index finger on the toe. If you can bend the shoes without effort, the shoe passes the test.

 Pinch the shoes at the end of the heel 
with one hand and at the toes with the other. Now, twist the shoes 90 degrees. If it bends with no effort, the shoes pass the test.


Measure baby feet for the correct size3. Measure size and width before buying and then every two three months after! (Baby foot grows fast!) Toes shouldn't hit the front of the shoe and shouldn't be longer than a 1/2 inch.

4. Choose Stay On shoes with elastic ankle straps.
Baby shoes should not fall off, risking accidents. They also shouldn’t have shoelaces and sticky velcro! (so annoying) 
They should stay without baby noticing them so they won’t fight it. Best baby shoes are equipped with elastic ankle straps that are adjustable by a simple knot. This way moms can keep up with the fast-growing little feet by adjusting them on the go! Brilliant moms hack!

Washable Baby Shoes
5. WASHABLE shoes will protect your family from harmful bacteria and viruses entering your house from outside. By washing them you can keep shoes just as clean as baby’s cloths. 

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What other babies are saying:

He watches Sesame street in
Seattle while shoes keep his little toes
warm !




😂Baby wearing without matching
Soft Baby Shoes is like motherhood
without coffee! 





Practice makes perfect. 
One step at the time.







Hot Pink Chubby Feet! 
(Warning! don't kiss your screen, just 
order the shoes!)











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