Is ice skating for toddlers?

I love ice skating. Growing up in communist Hungary, we only skated when it was cold outside. I lived in a small town and we didn't have an ice skating rink, but when cold came, we had skates and a lake that became a perfect rink for winter fun!

Later, when I moved to the USA and learned that there was an ice skating rink just about 10 minutes away from my house, soon enough I was taking adult ice skating lessons, which I loved so much. However, life happened and took me further away from the ice. Becoming a mom didn't leave much time for things that I used to do before having a child. 

But when my son, Matyas, turned 2 and a half years old, I realized I may not do exactly what I used to, but I can teach him to enjoy what I enjoy. It turned out that teaching him the basics of the sports that I enjoyed gave me even more pleasure than simply practicing on my own.

I took him skating a few months ago; he had a hard time standing on the single blade skates, but I saw that he was enjoying himself. Watching the Zamboni and eating snow were definitely the highlights of our visit to the skating rink. When we got home, I researched a bit and found, on eBay, cheap double blade skates in his size. 

When Santa dropped it under the tree on Christmas morning, I knew that this gift was a winner. My husband and I took him skating on a ski trip and he was just hanging on the walker. When we got home, I took him again and hid did so much better. He was able to push the walker while walking behind it with the skates on. 

This morning we went again. And it was wonderful. For about half of the skating session, he decided he no longer needed the walker and he was walking, with a bit sliding, on the ice. 

I always make sure we have the proper gear: nice warm pants, a sweater, gloves and a helmet to ensure safety and comfort. 

It was not easy on me. I had to stay cheerful, skate precisely, slow and every time he fall I had to lift all his 30 pounds.

If you are not up to the challenge, or you do not love to do it, don't do it. But for us, in our family, it is always about challenging each other, pushing each other, putting ourselves in a situation that makes us grow and become better. So we will continue to do more and more difficult tasks and push our child to do so as well. And if you are up to the challenge, I encourage you to take your child skating, because the newly learned skill will paint his face with accomplishment and success. Seeing that is such a joy. 

And here is an added bonus: he naps away the afternoon like a champion :)